Portraiture and Chiaroscuro: The Power of Light and Dark




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  Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe    
1949 Born Nottingham England
    1964 - 1969   Apprenticeship as Sculptor, stonemason  
1969 - 1971 Private art Studies in England on the Evelyn Harleigh School of  Art and Dance
1971 - 1972 Traineeship with locally known artists
e.g. the Plymouth artist  "Robert Lenkiewicz"
Since   1987 Working as a freelance artist (in Germany)

For a couple of years has Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe concentrated his oil painting with the reduction of the colours to black white contrasts to which he adds a few specific coloured accents. In his graphic appearing and often surrealistic artworks he plays with the perspective. Playfully he works with this and a specific use of light and shade contrasts. He lets the three aspects of symbolism and mysticism flow into is works, to which he adds a defamiliarization of the contours.


"I would like to cause a spatial depth in my works, which plays with the apparent three-dimensional effects. The gaze of the observer shall be first drawn to the middle of the picture and only later to expand to the outer areas of the work.


Not only the apparent surreal three-dimensionality room is made on the canvas, but also portraits of famous personalities and "people from the neighbourhood" It is the photo realism with every last little detail which draws the observer of these pictures into his spell.