Portraiture and Chiaroscuro: The Power of Light and Dark




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  Oil on canvas What you need to do is:
  Size (mm)   Price (Euro)      

Provide me with a good photo (digital is best), send me 25% deposit as a conformation of your commission, then after 4 to 8 weeks you should become the proud owner of your finished portrait.

    500 x 400   550,00    
    600 x 500   700,00    
    800 x 600   1000,00    


    300 x 200  (A4)   100,00 In oil on canvas (Black and white or colour) in pencil. From a Photo to a portrait of a special Art.  
    400 x 300  (A3)   150,00    
  The price can slightly change according to the completed representation required  
    For the purpose of further information.  
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